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Privacy Policy

Welcome on the online shop of Please read carefully our Privacy Policy, applicable both whether you’re just browsing the website and use the services it offers without purchasing any product, or whether you decide to enter and browse and use the services it offers in order to purchase a product. By using this website you agree with the terms stated in the Privacy Policy. If you don’t agree with any of the terms stated in the Privacy Policy, please do not access

The treatment of Personal Data of the users and customers of the website (from now on gathered under the name “Users”) will be carried out in Italy, in compliance with the applicable European law and the Code regarding the Protection of Personal Data (Legislative Decree of June 30, 2003, no. 196), which regulates the treatment of personal data carried out by anyone residing or with headquarters in Italy. In compliance with the Code regarding the Protection of Personal Data, Trophee DMN Division s.r.l., with headquarters in via Monteleone di Fermo 21/23, is in charge of the treatment of personal data, in relation to the services of e-commerce and sale of the products. From here on, the names “We” and “Our” will refer exclusively to Trophee DMN Division s.r.l.

    1. Our policy

All users have the right to the protection of their Personal Data. Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. respects its users’ right to be informed about the collection and other operations regarding the treating of their personal data. During the treatment of the data which may, directly or indirectly, identiify you, we try to respect a principle of strict necessity. For this purpose, we programmed our website so that the use of personal data is reduced to minimum and it may be excluded when the purpose on the website can be carried out with the use of anonymous data (for example, in the market research aimed at the improving of our services), or in other procedures, that may identify a person in case of necessity or by request of the authorities and law enforcement (for example, the data pertaining to traffic and your permanence on the website or your IP address). This Privacy Policy provides you with every useful information that may help you understand how we gather and use the information regarding the users of the online shop For any other information about our Privacy Policy you can file a request to the email address [email protected]


Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. – by terms of Legislative decree of June 30, 2003 no. 196 (Privacy Code) – is appointed to the treatment of the Personal Data of the users of, aimed at the management, conclusion and execution of the commercial transactions regarding the purchase of products through the same website (“Commercial Purposes”): Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. therefore decides the purposes and modalities of the treatment of these data and the tools to use for safety purposes. Solely for organisation and functional purposes, some people were named responsible for the treatment of the Personal Data of the users of the online shop, for purposes stricly connected and related to the service here offered, including the sale of products. These people were chosen because they showed experience, talent and reliability; also they proved they could provide an adequate guarantee of full respect of the dispositions regarding the treatment of data in force, including the profiling of the safety of data. The people responsible carry out the treatment of Personal Data according to the instructions given by Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. Periodically we verify that the people responsible have fulfilled the obligations entrusted to them and that they continue to provide adequate guarantee of full respect of the dispositions regarding the protection of personal data in force.

In particular, in the pursue of the Commercial Purposes, for the procedure of purchase of products on, we gather Personal Data (such as registry data, email address, postal address, telephone number) through the order form used for the sale of products on our website.

The Personal Data are mainly treated in electronic format, and in some circumstances in paper format, for example when the treatment of Personal Data is aimed at preventing informatic fraud. Personal Data will be preserved in the form that may help us identify your persona in the time stricly necessary for the purposes that require the gathering and the following treatment and, in any case, by terms of law. In order to guarantee that the Personal Data are always correct and updated, pertinent and complete, please notify every modification to the followin email address: [email protected]

Personal Data will not be shared with third parties for purposes not allowed by law or without the user’s explicit content. Beside the companies that are responsible for the treatment, Personal Data are made available also to third parties, autonomous data controller, for accessory purposes related to the services requested by the user (such as the transactions relative to a purchase). For details on this subject, please refer to paragraph 4 (Who do we comunicate personal data to?). You can request and obtain an updated list of the people responsible for the treatment by writing to the following email address: [email protected]

Furthermore, Personal Data can be shared with law enforcement or judiciary authorities, in compliance with the law and and prior formal request by such subjects, for example in the field of anti-fraud services.

Personal Data will be made available to the people in charge of the treatment of data and for above-mentioned purposes. In all these cases your consent will not be necessary. Personal Data will not be transferred abroad, specifically in countries not belonging to the EU which don’t guarantee the adequate level of legal protection of customers. In the case which this is found to be necessary for Commercial Purposes, we hereby guarantee that transfer of Personal Data towards those Countries not belonging to the EU which don’t guarantee adequate level of legal protection will be carried out only after Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. and the above-said parties have closed a specific contract, including clauses regarding the legal protection of Personal Data, in compliance with the law and applicable regulations.

The purposes for which the Personal Data are treated will be notified, from time to time, in the informational note that Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. submits to its users in the Personal Data page.

It may occurr that Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. treats Personal Data belonging to third parties, communicated by our users. For example in the case where a user purchased a product to send to a friend; or when the user paying for the purchase of a product is different from the subject the product is addressed to; or when the user is redirecting a friend to a service or a product for sale on our website.

In all this cases, please make sure you have consent from the person the data refer to, before notifying them to Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. and inform said person about this Privacy Policy: you will be the one and only responsible for the communication of information and pertaining data to third parties, without their explicit request, or for incorrect or unlawful use. In any case, Trophee DMN Division s.r.l., to the extent established by law, will fulfill its obligation to inform the user and, if necessary, will demand explicit consent, at the moment of registration of pertaining Personal Data in the archives.


Communication of Personal Data to Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. and, in particular, of registry data, of your email address, of your home address and telephone number is necessary for Commercial Purposes.

The possible refusal to communicate to Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. the above-mentioned Personal Data necessary for these Purposes might entail the impossibility to correctly carry out the purchase contract on or, yet, to correctly fulfill our obligations established by law and regulations. The lack of communication of these data might therefore be, depending on the case, a lawful and justified motive not to carry out the contract of purchase of products.

Communication to Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. of further Personal Data, different from the mandatory ones, is optonal and does not entail any consequence pertaining to the purchase of products on our website. Depending on the case, and if there is need for it, from time to time we will duly inform you of the mandatory and optional communication of Personal Data to Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. We will highlight the mandatory or optional information of Personal Data, by putting a specific type (*) next to the mandatory information, therefore the only Personal Data that are necessary for the purchase of product on the online shop

We would like to remind our customers that the lack of communication of  optional Personal Data will not cause our customers any obligation nor detriment.


Personal data may be made available to third parties which carry out, on behalf of Trophee DMN Division s.r.l., certain specific services, acting as person in charge of treatment; or communicated to other third parties – whose name will be notified from time to time – which treat personal data anonymously, solely for the purpose of carrying out the contract of purchase of product on the online shop (companies such as Bnl Positivity and Paypal, responsible for the carrying out of the electronic payment, whether the customer decides to purchase our products) and strictly when such purposes are not incompatible with the purposes which the data are collected for and later treated. All of this in compliance with the law.

Personal Data will not be communicated, ceded or, in any other way transferred to third parties without the users’ previous knowledge and consent, when the law requires so.


Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. collects Personal Data and other information directly from its users in the processing of the order forms while purchasing products on our website, in order to carry out transactions of electronic commerce. These data are treated by Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. within the terms and purposes established in the information sheet in the section regarding the gathering of data.


We have adopted adequate safety measures in order to limit as much as possible risks resulting from the cancellation or loss, even accidental, of these above-mentioned data, from unauthorized access or prohibited use or not in compliance with the purposes established by in our Privacy Policy.

With regard to the best protection possible for your Personal Data, as far as Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. is involved, we advise our customer to make sure that your personal computer has an adequate and updated software for the protection of the online transmission of data, both in and out (such as updated anti-virus systems), and that your Internet provider has adopted adequate measures for the protection of online transmission of data (such as firewalls and anti-spam filters).


This website uses automatic systems for the collection of Personal Data, such as cookies. Cookies are devices which are transmitted to the user’s hard drive: they do not contain comprehensible information, but they allow the user to be associated to personal information (such as the identification of the user’s IP address and other information pertaining to the permanence on our website or the preferences expressed by the user in the choice of the services offered by the website, and the products purchased through our services) issued by the same website. Cookies are located on our servers and their information can not be entered by anyone. These information and data are collected in a direct way and automatically by the website. These information and data are then treated anonymously and joined, for Commercial Purposes and the improvement of our services, to our users’ demands and preferences on this website. We have arranged cookies for the following functions: nation selection, catalogue browsing, online purchase of products, and general offer of reserved services for our registered users. Every Internet browser allows cookies to be deleted after every session, and such browsers contains instructions on how to start this procedure. Please consult it.

Acknowledgement of the automatic procedures of collection of data and use of cookies is necessary to use the website and its services, including the purchase of products. If you have deleted cookies on your browser, Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. may not guarantee the view of a webpage or fruition of some services in their entirety, such services as memorization and viewing of your chosen products during the online purchase in the webpages.


We would like to inform our customers that Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. may treat Personal Data even without our customers’ consent, in some cases established by law, if a law obligation requires to do so.


You always have the right to obtain from Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. the confirmation about the existence of Personal Data regarding you, even if they aren’t registered yes, and their communication in a comprehensible way. You have also the right to obtain from Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. information regarding the origin of Personal Data; purposes and modalities of treatment of Personal Data; logic applied in case the treatment is carried out with the aid of electronic devices; identification data of the person in charge and responsible of the treatment; who are the subjects or categories whom the Personal Data may be communicated to or that may come to their knowledge while acting as people responsible and in charge of such treatment. In part, this information are contained in our Privacy Policy; for further information, please send an email to [email protected]

You always have to right to obtain the following from Trophee DMN Division s.r.l.:

– update, correction or integration of the Personal Data, if there is an interest to do so;

– cancellation, anonymous transformation or arrest of your personal data, treated within terms of law, including those that don’t require saving for the purposes they were collected for and later treated;

– certification that operations a) and b) have been notified, for their content also, to those whom the data were communicated to; except for the case where such fulfillment is found to be impossible or the effort whereof is found to be disproportioned towards the right.


– for legitimate reasons, to the treatment of personal data regarding you, even if pertaining to the collection of such data;

– treatment of personal data regarding you for the forwarding of direct marketing or advertising material or for the completion of market research or commercial communications.

You can freely and always use your rights, as long as within terms of law, with a request to Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. to this address [email protected], to which we will provide adequate acknowledgement.


Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. does not control nor monitors these websites and their contents. Therefore, Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. will not be held accountable for the contents of these websites and their regulations regarding your privacy and the treatment of Personal Data during browsing. Please be careful when redirecting to the websites by using the links on our website, and please read carefully their terms of use and privacy regulation. The Privacy Policy on does not apply to other websites belonging to third parties nor Trophee DMN Division is in any way responsible for the privacy policy of the above-mentioned websites. The online shop offers these links only to simplify its users’ research and browsing, and to facilitate the hypertextual linking to other websites.

Activation of these links does not require any recommendation or warning from Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. regarding the entering and browsing the websites, nor does it involve any guarantee regarding their contents, services or goods provided and sold to their users.


If you wish to receive any further information on how Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. treats and processes you Personal Data, please write an email to the following email address: [email protected] In order to know your rights and always be updated on the regulation regarding protection of people in the treatment of Personal Data, please visit the Protection Supervisor website at this address:


This Privacy Policy is regulated by Italian law, in particular by the Code regarding the Protection of Personal Data (Legislative decree of June 30, 2003 no. 196), which regulates the treatment of Personal Data – even if held abroad – carried out by anyone residing or with headquarters in Italy, or by using devices located in Italy.

The Code guarantees that the treatment of personal data is carried out in respect of fundamental rights and liberties, as well as the dignity of the person concerned; with particular regard for privacy, personal identities and the right to personal data protection.


Trophee DMN Division s.r.l. can modify or simply update, in whole or in part, this Privacy Policy, in compliance with the possible modifications of the laws and regulations that regulate this matter and protect your rights. Any modification and update of the Privacy Policy will be notified to the users in the home page of the website as soon as they are adopted and they will be binding as soon as they are published in this very section of the website. Please consult this section regularly to verify the publication of the most updated and recent Privacy Policy.

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