DAVID NAMAN Spring/Summer Seventeen Collection embodied a youthful, stylish and sophisticated design.
Among the permanent pieces, some exciting new items emerge, including lightweight jackets, extra fine knits, all over printed bombers and new silhouette shorts.
Crinkled fabrics for blazers and trousers evoke summertime atmospheres.
The darker, traditionally more autumnal color palette is the protagonist of the collection, a trendy aspect in a “seasonless” moment in fashion.
Dusty colors lighten bold tones, like burgundy, black, grey and white.
Floral and geometrical prints are throw backs to the 70’s, giving newness to its meaning and interpretation.
Resort shirts are the MUST HAVES of the season, with eye-catching prints and classic updated details. Collars define the looks of years past, but the eyes see a more modern approach to them.
Suits become younger, smarter and cooler. Elastic cuffs on trousers or minimal all over micro patterns, suits ride into the “hipper than ever era”.
Bold colors, all over prints and tricky placed tapes lend the final touch of personality to the collection.
The mixing of patterns and fabrics remains the trade-mark of the brand, season after season.